Lusofono Forum of Communications

1 February, 2016

ARCTEL-CPLP and LusNIC, will hold the 7th Lusophone Forum of Communications, on the 18 and 19 February, in São Tomé e Principe.

It is a framework of a globalized world and interconnected by virtual networks that ARCTEL-CPLP and LusNIC, decided to join forces and jointly promote the 7th Lusophone Forum of Communications under the theme “Digital Economy Challenges”, to hold a debate extended about what has changed and what is expected to change in the near future and how the CPLP and its agents must prepare the challenges ahead.

In 2016 this event will be held with the support of AGER (General Regulatory Authority) of São Tomé e Principe

Participation is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about the changes the digital age has brought to our companies, the sector in general, and how it can contribute to economic development in CPLP countries.

To attend the Forum is only required to register using this email: