.PT supports in the management of Guinea-Bissau’s top-level domain

29 November, 2021

.PT announces the transfer of the management of the Guinea-Bissau top-level domain (.gw) to the National Regulatory Authority (ARN) of that country, after a period of seven years of collaboration and support of the .PT in the technical and administrative management of the .gw.


This is a normal process and was already provided for in the collaboration protocol signed between the two entities in 2014. During 2021, training was provided to the ARN team, and the definition of operational and technical requirements for a smooth transition, and the .PT will continue to provide support whenever necessary.


The cooperation between .PT and ARN, the entity responsible for the coordination, supervision and planning of the information and communication technology sector in Guinea-Bissau, was formalized in 2014 after ARN obtained the redelegation of the .gw top-level domain from IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), with the support of the Portuguese registry. As of that date, .PT started to guarantee the technical and administrative management of .gw.


Additionally, the cooperation agreement signed between the two entities also provided for the .PT to be responsible for the acquisition and monitoring of the installation and operation of the secondary server to be hosted in the ARN data center, as well as for the development, implementation, and maintenance of the .gw registration support website:


.PT currently assumes the presidency of LusNIC – Portuguese Language ccTLD’s Association, created in 2015, with the objective of promoting international cooperation in defending the interests of Portuguese-speaking ccTLD’s and projecting the Portuguese language and contents on the Internet, fostering the sharing of knowledge in their areas of intervention, and developing contacts and cooperation initiatives between the entities responsible for the management of Portuguese-speaking top-level domains.