See below a compilation of frequently asked questions related to the activities of LusNIC and its associates.

What are portuguese speaking Registries?
The entities that, in each country or territory where portuguese is an official language, are mandated by law, order, statutes or other contractual instrument, as competent for the management of the ccTLD of that respective country.
What is a ccTLD?
The acronym of country code Top Level Domain, corresponding to the top domain of each country or territory according to the ISO 3166-1 code, composed of two letters of the alphabet, and whose technical and administrative delegation by the IANA, or another entity that comes to it to succeed in terms of functions, is a condition for the respective operation by the Registries.
What does IANA mean?
The acronym of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, the entity responsible for the operational aspects of coordinating the Internet's unique identifiers. Its activities can be grouped into three main categories: DNS Service – Top DNS Management; numbering and documenting codes and numbers used in various Internet protocols.
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