Convite para colaboração na organização do IGF Luso 2024

Contribute to the preparation of the Programme for the 2nd Lusophone Internet Governance Forum

The Lusophone Internet Governance Forum is an annual event that brings together representatives of governments, companies, organisations, civil society, the technical community and academia from Portuguese-speaking countries to discuss issues relevant to Internet Governance (

The 2nd edition of the Lusophone Internet Governance Forum will be held in Cape Verde from 9 to 13 September 2024. 

To ensure that the event is relevant and of interest to the Lusophone community, we invite everyone to contribute suggestions, ideas, proposals for themes, etc.

The suggestions will be evaluated by a multistakeholder group and possibly taken into account when drawing up the final programme for the 2nd Lusophone Internet Governance Forum.

To take part, simply fill in this formby 9 February 2024.

We're counting on everyone!  

6 Jun 2023

1st Lusophone Internet Governance Forum

On the 18th and 19h of September, the 1st Internet Governance Forum of the Lusophone Community will take place at the Museum of the Portuguese Language in São Paulo - Brazil.

Among the topics under discussion will be the Internet governance ecosystem, the Portuguese language on the Internet, the Global Digital Compact and the challenges and opportunities for the development of the Internet in Portuguese-speaking countries.

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