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LusNIC joins the Coalition for Digital Africa

LusNIC is part of the Coalition for Digital Africa, an ICANN initiative that aims to expand the Internet in Africa and promote innovation. In partnership with governments, regional and international organizations, and the local Internet community, the Coalition provides investments in Internet infrastructure, offers capacity-building workshops, and facilitates participation in the multistakeholder policymaking process. 

LusNIC has already undertaken the translation into Portuguese of some of this alliance's documents and contributed to Angola's participation.

6 Jun 2023

1st Lusophone Internet Governance Forum

On the 18th and 19h of September, the 1st Internet Governance Forum of the Lusophone Community will take place at the Museum of the Portuguese Language in São Paulo - Brazil.

Among the topics under discussion will be the Internet governance ecosystem, the Portuguese language on the Internet, the Global Digital Compact and the challenges and opportunities for the development of the Internet in Portuguese-speaking countries.

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